Mentor-On-The-Lake Feral Cat Ordinance


   (a)   Requirement to Register Cat Colony.  When a feral cat colony is found to exist, a person may via this chapter, maintain and care for the feral cats by providing food, water, shelter and other forms of sustenance, provided that the person registers the feral cat colony with an animal welfare organization that has registered with the City to operate within the boundaries of the City.

   (b)   Requirements of Feral Cat Colony Caregiver.  Feral cat colony caregivers shall be responsible for the following:

      (1)   Registering the colony with an animal welfare organization that is
registered with the City.
      (2)   Obtaining written approval of the owner of any property, or any
authorized representative of the owner, to which the feral cat
colony caregiver requires access to provide colony care.
      (3)   Providing food and/or shelter only in the rear of the property,
feeding on a regular schedule, and limiting food availability to one
hour up to twice daily.
      (4)   Obtaining proper medical attention for any colony that appears to
require it.
      (5)   Taking all appropriate and available steps to have the colony
population spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian.
      (6)   Taking all appropriate and available steps to vaccinate the colony
population for rabies, preferably with a three-year vaccine, and to
make a reasonable attempt to update the vaccinations as warranted
and mandated by law.
      (7)   Ear-tipping the left ear of a colony cat that has been vaccinated and
spayed or neutered so that colony cats can be readily identified.
      (8)   Taking all reasonable steps to:

         A.   Remove kittens from the colony after they have been weaned;
         B.   Place kittens in homes, foster homes, or reputable adoption
organizations for the purpose of subsequent permanent
placement; and
         C.   Capture and spay the mother cat.

      (9)   Taking all reasonable measures to resolve nuisance complaints
resulting from the feral cat colony.
      (10)   Taking all reasonable measures to remove non-feral cats from the
colony to be placed in foster homes or otherwise adopted out.
      (11)   Reporting to the registered animal welfare organization any new
stray or feral cats that have been added to the colony.

   (c)   Requirements of Animal Welfare Organizations.  Animal welfare
organizations that sponsor a feral cat colony shall be responsible for
the following:

      (1)   Register with the City.
      (2)   Report quarterly on:

         A.   Location of colony;
         B.   The number and gender of all cats within the colony;
         C.   A description of individual cats within the colony;
         D.   The reproductive status of all cats within the colony;
         E.   The number of cats that died or otherwise ceased being a part of
the colony;
         F.   The number of kittens born to the colony cats and their disposition;
         G.   The number of cats placed in animal shelters or in permanent
homes as companion cats;
         H.   The number of cats vaccinated; and
         I.   The number of cats spayed or neutered under a TNR program.

   (d)   Withdrawal of Feral Cat Colony Caregiver.  In the event that a feral
cat colony caregiver is unable or unwilling to continue in that role,
the caregiver shall notify the animal welfare organization
immediately, which shall in turn immediately notify the City. If no
other feral cat caregiver is providing for the colony and if no new
feral cat caregiver assumes responsibility for the colony within 30
days, feeding of the colony shall cease by the caregiver(s).

   (e)   Failure to Adhere to Responsibilities and Revocation of Registration.

      (1)   If a feral cat colony caregiver fails to meet all the requirements of
this chapter or has failed to resolve a nuisance complaint related to
the feral cat colony, he or she shall be notified of all deficiencies in
writing and shall have 30 days to become compliant or resolve the
nuisance. If not so resolved within the 30 day period, the feral cat
colony registration may be revoked.
      (2)   No person who has had their registration as a feral cat colony
caregiver revoked shall act in a manner contrary to Section 618.19.

   (f)   Penalty. Whoever violates this section shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor of the fourth degree.