Good News for Mentor Community Cat Caregivers

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Good News for Mentor Caregivers

In March 2017, Mentor City Council ratified a new ordinance that promotes the responsible care of stray and feral cats through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs. TNR has proven to be the most humane and effective method for controlling the potential overpopulation of stray, and feral cats in our community. As an approved animal welfare organization, Mentor Community Cats provides trapping, low-cost sterilization, and ongoing education to any Mentor resident who wishes to care for these animals. We are here to help!

Many cities that have adopted TNR require residents to register directly with local officials. Mentor DOES NOT require this, however the ordinance does specify that you work with an approved animal welfare organization (such as Mentor Community Cats) to ensure that your colony is compliant with the legislation. We do not share your names with the city without your consent. We provide numbers and statistics about how well TNR is working-and we, like you, know it works-on a quarterly basis.

If you are a current caregiver or want to help the new cat(s) that appeared in your yard, we encourage you to reach out to Mentor Community Cats. The reasons are simple:

  • We can get a better handle on the number of feral or abandoned animals in the city
  • We will consider your colony our colony, and you’ll be provided with all the ongoing benefits Mentor Community Cats offers
  • You’ll receive a copy of our Colony Caregiver Commandments to ensure your animals are good citizens of Mentor
  • You’ll be approved to continue feeding the cats in your care **

If you have any questions, please contact us at (440)973-MTNR or

**Approval to feed cats is dependent on practicing responsible caregiving. Please see the Caregiver Commandments for best practices and recommendations.