Donna Vaughn

If you knew Donna Vaughn, then you know just how much she loved cats! She, of course, loved her own cats (inside and feral) but she also loved them in general and took up causes to improve their lives. She not only took up their cause with her checkbook but her time and talent. I met Donna several years ago when I trapped some feral kittens for her and thus it began. In 2015, as a member of Willowick Community Cats, Donna approached me with her desire to start a sister group in Eastlake, at the end of her term as an Eastlake Councilperson. Eastlake Community Cats was born! Donna served as the group’s secretary, answered phone calls, fundraised and was our liaison with the city. Finally, she threw her support behind what we were hoping would be a new TNR ordinance in Eastlake. Less than 2 weeks following her death, the ordinance that she worked so hard to pass went into effect. What a great tribute for her! We affectionately refer to the ordinance as ‘Donna’s Law’. Her work is done and she can rest easy knowing that her beloved cats will be safe. We love and miss her.